burning ships

Burning Ships

I hear the air raid sirens,

Howling out so violent,

And the churchyard gates are closed,

I’ve seen the rich men smiling,

New born babies dying,

And I don’t know where to go,

Machines guns cracking snapping,

The sound of windows smashing,

I’m afraid I’ll lose my mind,

I hear strange sounds like singing,

And I’d do anything

To be at peace with you to-night.

Well I’ll make this all quite clear,

You see, I’m kinda young in years,

And I’ve found myself aboard –

This broken burning ship.

Lucia sits beside you,

Shedding all he virtue,

Smiling with her glazed blue eyes,

All that she’s been through,

Asking if it’s true,

That they’ve only told her lies,

I’ve watched her trampled under,

For a pusher’s plunder,

I’d like to break his head in two,

If I had the force of thunder,

I’d smash you all asunder,

For the way she’s been abused.

written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Essex Music