last train to marseilles

Last Train To Marseilles

I’m sinkin’ down

On the edge of the bed

With my head in my hands

And I’m feelin’ real down

I feel all kinda jumped up inside,

And I just can’t describe

What it is that I’m trying to say.

But I miss you real bad

And babe if I only just knew how

I could get to you that fast

I’d be on a southbound

Train right now.

I should have known

That the moment you’d gone

And left me alone

I’d start losin’ my mind

And now I’m here

Waiting for your telephone call,

With my head on the floor,

And my ear to the door.

And I miss you so bad

Babe I just wish that you had stayed

If I don’t get to you real fast

This could be the last train

To Marseilles.

Well I guess I could try

To hitch on the road

But there’s so much snow

Between you and me

I’ve been awake –

Laid out the whole night

With visions of you

Spinning round in my mind.

written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Essex Music