all stand together

All Stand Together

Madame Quixote, she came riding into town,

With her hair all flaming red, – her mind just like a sow,

She talks like Quasimodo – she’s one of nature’s freaks,

She’s got the nerve to call – all my brothers geeks;

People are speaking out, all around the world,

She’s ripped us all in tatters – yeah she’s quite a girl!


But if we all stand together you know we might,

Overcome this pressure – you’d be surprised,

Get this train back on the rails,

There’s nothing left to fear,

If we all stand together we’ll be alright.

We came from China and from many foreign lands,

You can’t expect a redneck gal, to ever understand,

We live in Asia and we’ve got to make it clear,

That we don’t want this redneck girl come riding around here,

I call it travesty – an absolute disgrace,

She’s got the nerve to claim she’s from the human race,


written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Orient Pacific Music