lyrics S-T

RichardClapton_458x2786Strange Days in Chippendale – R.Clapton
Suit Yourself – R.Clapton
Syncopation Train – R.Clapton
That Moon – R.Clapton/Diesel
The Best Years Of Our Lives – R.Clapton
The Dark End of The Road – R.Clapton
The Devil in Paradise – R.Clapton
The Heart Of It – R.Clapton
The Lonesome Voyager – R.Clapton
The Night Train – R.Clapton
The Ride Out – R.Clapton
The Simple Things – R.Clapton
The Underground – R.Clapton/J.Farriss
The Universal – R.Clapton
The Working Class Life – R.Clapton
Thorn in My Saddle – R.Clapton
Throw Me Down a Line – R.Clapton
Tides of Time – R.Clapton
Trust Somebody – R.Clapton
Turn My Heart Around – R.Clapton/Diesel