burn down your bridges

Burn Down Your Bridges

Seabird flying down so low,

It makes me restless watching you,

I’m chained down here to mundane goals,

As you soar and glide over that blue horizon.

Sitting here beside the sea,

I come here as a fugitive,

Sneak away from the factory,

Where sometimes it just hurts to be alive.


Burn, burn down your bridges,

While you still got the time,

Burn, burn down your bridges,

Look ahead, not behind.

Mother ocean comfort me,

I come here as a fugitive,

I’m tired of all society’s lies,

I’m searching for the joy there is in life.

I’m not alone, I’ve found new friends,

Don’t talk words, ‘cos words are lies,

Gonna see this life right onto the end,

And it sure feels good to be alive.

written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Festival Music