capricorn dancer

Capricorn Dancer

Geeze he said, the bands don’t seem to play round here no more,

And Saturday night just ain’t the same,

Wish everything was back the way it used to be before;

Now I sit here and push my long hair back behind my ears,

The face I used to hide behind is now becoming ghostly with the years.


Goodbye Tiger –

Chasing those dolce vita times,

Somehow you seem to have left me far behind,

But you can hear me whisper on the nightline:

“Goodbye Tiger”

I keep shifting round – I wear the dust of many foreign streets,

Drifting and shifting with the wind,

Now this same wind is howling like a cyclone here inside,

And I see I’ve got nothing left to hide –

Nobody’s gonna take the stage tonight,

But I’ll sit here anyway, and sigh:


written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Festival Music