factory life

Factory Life

Out on the town on Saturday night,

Factory kinds prowlin’, out for a fight,

They’re dressed up in drag and dressed up in jeans,

Chasing the visions they’ve seen in their dreams,

Factory girls giggling behind the wall,

Hoping that someone will give them a call.

They’re so tired of the factory life

Try to escape it on Saturday night,

Pick yourself up and open your eyes,

Get yourself outta the factory life.

They don’t look very pretty; they look kinda sad,

Talking ’bout all of the scenes that they’ve had,

Jive talkin’ street walkin’ tryin’ to escape,

Wishing the man would give them a break,

It’s all rushing past, in front of their eyes,

And they flash off and on like great neon signs.

How I hate to see you

Wasting so much time,

Building barricades,

Around your tired minds.

written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Festival Music