head full of rain

Head Full of Rain

Down among the foggy streets,

First rays of morning light stir up the heat,

I remember how it used to be,

And it’s pretty much the same;

I leaned my bike against the kerb,

I stood there and I thought of her,

Somehow I guess she lost her nerve,

Before she slipped and went insane;


I’ve been lost,

Lost all reason,

And I’ve been accused of treason,

‘Cause I’ve never played your games,

And you’ve driven me insane

With your head full of rain.

I’ve been everywhere around the world,

And I lost my heart to many girls,

And I’ve slipped and dropped the string of pearls

Then I’ve had to start again;

In my youth I was an activist

Enfant terrible and an atheist,

But nowadays I’ve got my wife and kids,

I’ve got to feed them everyday.


Somehow I lost my innocence,

And replaced it with experience,

I may never pass this way again,

Now I’m going round the bend;

We’ve got to live the life we’ve made,

Got to let go of the good ol’days,

I can never let it fade away,

Shine on brightly to the end.


written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Orient Pacific Musi