hearts on the nightline

Hearts on the Nightline

Here on the razor’s edge, stranded here from my friends,

Stumbling along through the canyons,

Wasting away in shady cafes,

I don’t have smile I can turn on,

And I don’t know if I can survive,

Keep getting caught up in this arcade of lies,

How can you have any sense of direction

Walking this street of mirrors.


Hearts on the Nightline,

Words coming down the wire,

I just can’t get things right –

I put my heart on the nightline.

I guess this city must be gettin’ to me,

I can’t seem to make a connection,

There’s got to be someone around I can talk to,

Someone I can really depend on;

But I’m smack dab – stuck in the middle,

Here in this big sociological swindle,

So many words from so many people,

All claiming the truth and the light;


written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Orient Pacific Music