high as the heavens

High As The Heavens

It’s not like it seems,

You’re lost in a dream,

Trying to hold on to things

Slippery as mercury,

Just let it go,

Go with the flow,

There’s things we try to understand,

More than we will ever know;

The infinite sky,

Shadows of night,

Make boundaries invisible,

To the naked eye,

What’s holding you back?

This cul-de-sac,

Making you believe

That you can’t find your destiny;

Everyday – your life’s gonna change,

You’ve just got to realise that nothing stays the same,

You keep holding on to a time that’s gone,

You’ve just got to learn to be a smart chameleon.


High as the heavens,

Flying up into the blue,

High as the heavens,

Free as the Man in the Moon;

There’s no turning back,

You’re under attack,

You’ll fall right down the mountain,

If you don’t take up the slack,

Mysterious life –

There’s nothing to hide,

This history that haunts you,

Gonna be revealed in time;

Count on your friends,

You never know when,

This road with all it’s twists and turns,

Is coming to the end,

Just when the road,

Comes to a close,

You’ll find new possibilities,

That you have never known,

There’s life in the stars,

So follow your heart,

Don’t question your existence,

‘Cause you are just who you are,

Look after yourself,

You’re part of this world,

Throw off these chains, – forget your pain,

Keep ringing on that bell


written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Orient Pacific Music