liberty bell

Liberty Bell

Working every single day,

To make some other guy a rich man,

Working for that overtime pay,

And doing every job that you can;

You’re working for those mystery motives,

You’re working for the government,

You’re working for those vague incentives,

And you just can’t understand where your life went.


Gotta ring out loud

On that Liberty bell

Got to fight for your own freedom,

Gotta ring out loud

On that Liberty bell

There’s a world where we belong

The city bus it keeps you waiting,

Waiting till the end of the line,

You’re stranded at the very last station,

Got to fight to keep the fire alive;

The wind is blowing over the highway,

And I’ve really got to get outa town,

The way they put the pinch on you nowadays,

Is bound to bring the whole house down;

written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Orient Pacific Music