need a visionary

Need a Visionary

So much dirt on the street,

It sticks to the edge of your feet,

And your girl won’t come around,

This is a down town.

These questions I don’t understand,

I keep searching the palm of my hand,

But I’ve known enough mysteries,

Without a gypsy.


Need a visionary

No missionary

Is gonna take the load

Off of me

Man it’s might scary

When you just don’t care

And you give yourself a hard time

Sister Bea.

This town just never slows down,

You lose everything that you found,

And the fast talking Romeos

Take you for a joke.

You can’t lift this weight

Off your mind,

By just staying drunk all the time,

Gotta stand up straight and face it,

‘Cos you can’t escape it.


written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Festival Music