I think about you all the time,

You’re becoming an obsession,

Can’t seem to get you off my mind,

It’s a simple indiscretion.

Summer in the city, trying to make a living,

Doing our best to survive,

There’s never enough – hours in the day,

To stop and feel you’re really alive,

I was drifting away on a citybound train,

Thinking about the girl of my dreams,

I could feel my hands running through her hair,

As she wrapped her arms around me,

She’s a mystery girl from another world,

She’s all that I need to escape,

And I need to feel her arms around me,

I really need to get away.


Got a burning yearning here inside,

Got to feel your heartbeat next to mine,

With your hair like gold and your eyes so blue,

There’s one thing girl, I promise you,


written by: R.Clapton/G.Delandro

publisher: Orient Pacific Music