ode to a slow boat

Ode To A Slow Boat

Watchin’ the slowboats in the late afternoon,

Out on the edge of the wharf,

Madelaine sighs as life passes by,

And we know we don’t need to talk,

I’ve never seen so many shades of blue,

Stretch from the beach to the sky,

We’ve got our toes in that cool cool sea

And the slowboats glide on by.


Watching the slowboats go by,


Slow down, slow down,

Look at them slowboats glide


I won’t be no runner in this life’s race,

Carrying some other man’s torch,

Working and fretting ain’t the life for me,

I’m out on the old boardwalk,

Just for a while I’d forgot how to smile,

‘Cos I listened to too many lies,

Now Madelaine and me, we’re down by the sea,

And the slowboats glide on by.

written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Festival Music