out on the edge again

Out On The Edge Again

The Countess sits there dressed up

In the shadows of her dreams,

And her eyes are lookin’ everywhere,

But never look at me,

And I should be the sucker,

Who waits upon her whims,

But she flicks her writ so gracefully

As she notches up her sins.

I’m sinkin’ so low: I said hello,

I used to be one of your friends,

I just got back from the South Row,

And I’m out on the edge again.

Sometimes I sit in the cinema,

With my knees under my chin,

And I drift away and watch the same part,

Over and over again,

The streets are so full of mysterious women,

I watch them through the hole in the fence,

They walk by with the sun in their eyes

And I’m out on the edge again.

written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Festival Music