passing trains

Passing Trains

Sitting here in a remote station,

Nowhere to go babe,

But I’m still waiting,

And watching the passing trains in the night,

Out on their lonely and desperate flight,

Sometimes you know, I get so discouraged,

Why’s everyone got to look so worried,

I’m looking out from the bridge in the rain,

Watching the passing trains.

Passing trains –

Got to have some destination,

Before they pull out from the station,

And even the engineer,

Got to have his directions clear,

All of you people that run from your pain,

Look like the passing trains.

I had the feeling in New York City,

Must have some method of madness in me,

People talk to themselves all alone,

Live on the edge of the desperate zone,

Young girls stranded on every corner,

Funeral cars with not one mourner,

Nothing connects from my eyes to my brain,

Watching the passing trains.

written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Orient Pacific Music