rose wine cafe

Rose Wine Café

Everyone’s dressed in their masquerade clothes,

Tryin’ to look just that little bid bold,

Looking for someone – they need someone

I like to come down here sometimes

It’s a real good place to hide

Looking for someone – I need someone


Ah! And I don’t wanna go outside

Some people like to hurt you

Just for being alive,

They try to confuse ya, then if they can’t use ya,

They just give you a real hard time;

Hey Rosie keep your red dress on!

Everyone’s wondering what’s goin’ on,

Here we are dreaming our lives away

Across in the Rose Wine Café.

Crazy babes playin’ tricks with my mind,

I had something to say, but forgot my lines,

Looking for someone – we need someone.

All of you drifters get lost on the streets,

You’re so full of ideas but they’re obsolete,

Looking for someone – you need someone.

written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Festival Music