Strings and Wood

There’s a world of empathy
Living in this old guitar
A whole world of harmony
You can find out who you are;
I’m a man on a mission,
Trying to turn the world around,
Don’t wanna cloud my vision,
Start messing with my sound;
Bend the note – so long and slow,
Every note straight from the heart,
Feel the power down in your soul,
Got to tear this room apart,

Strings and wood,
Can turn the world around,
If I only could,
Take you to a higher ground
If I could give you wings,
And you could fly – so high.

Twelve apostles on the borderline,
They’ve still got so far to go,
Just pilgrims on the sands of time,
On that long and winding road,
Let your heart feel the melody,
That’s lived for a thousand years,
Play the strings with humility,
Let it wash away your fears,
Sometimes life can be so cruel,
It can be so unforgiving,
But somewhere you’re gonna find the jewel,
Find a brand new way of living.

Written by: Richard Clapton & Danny Spencer