the simple things

The Simple Things

Something’s going on round here,

But I’m not sure what it is,

Just a feeling I can’t explain

On these mean and dirty streets;

Sitting in my car, crawling inch by inch

In this cold and dirty rain,

I think I’ll just get outa here

And I won’t come back again;


I’m flyin’ down the Gold Coast Highway,

Feelin’ like I’ve grown into my wings,

The way they treat you here is just a shame

But I’ll always remember

The simple things

There are cowboys in this town

Who’ll make a mess of you,

They only want to put you down,

Because they can’t face the truth;

Everybody talks so much,

But no- one’s listening,

That’s why they’re all so out of touch

And their words don’t mean a thing


written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Orient Pacific Music