tides of time

Tides of Time

Down along the shoreline,

She waits all alone ’cause her daddy don’t come,

White sails on the far horizon,

The endless sky and that big red sun,

People try to come between us,

Making it hard to find our way,

Sometimes you don’t know who you can trust,

You keep holding on for the tide to change;


I’ve got to make it to the other side,

‘Cause I might drown if I miss the tide,

Talking ’bout the tides of time,

I am a prisoner of my own design.

When you find out who your friends are,

I hope you won’t forget about me,

I have always tried to love you,

I’ve been lost – I’ve been all at sea,

Why do fools always have the answers,

They love themselves but they just can’t see,

They may never play this game of passion,

They’ll never be ever – flying free;


written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Orient Pacific Music