trust somebody

Trust Somebody

Life in the city is a cul – de – sac,

Everybody wears a two faced mask,

Trade virtues in a thin disguise,

That’s why they can’t look you in the eye,

Making money is a means to an end,

But all that money cannot buy good friends,

Caught in the tangle of your own self doubt,

Hope nobody gonna find you out;


You’re gonna have to trust somebody,

You can’t go flying with a broken wing,

All you’ve gotta do is call on me,

We are gonna be the best of friends,

The only way you’re ever gonna work things out,

Is turn away from the fears and doubts.

You’re looking helpless as a refugee,

There’s so many things you just can’t see,

Can’t trade emotions on an I.O.U.

You’re gonna find that the joke’s on you,

Gold diggers at the midnight mass,

Sell their souls away for cold hard cash,

All of us strangers from the twilight zone,

Got no direction and we can’t find home;


written by: R.Clapton

publisher: Orient Pacific Music